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Ohio's Hospice Nursing Honor Guard Recognizes Susie Helfrich

Ohio’s Hospice Nursing Honor Guard Recognizes Patient for Nursing Career

The Nursing Honor Guard of Ohio’s Hospice recently recognized Susie Helfrich, a patient of Ohio’s Hospice of Fayette County, for her commitment to a career in nursing. She was recognized at a special ceremony at Court House Manor, surrounded by her family, friends and nurses. 

Helfrich graduated as an RN from Middletown Hospital Nursing School and worked with Middletown Hospital for the first 10 years of her career. Following her time in Middletown, Helfrich began working for Dr. James Rose in Fayette County where she served for 25 years. 

“I enjoyed the ceremony honoring my years of service and was happy to see other nurses who are establishing their careers in the field,” Helfrich said. 

The Ohio’s Hospice Nursing Honor Guard serves to recognize patients who dedicated their careers to the nursing profession. The Nursing Honor Guard provides an opportunity for active and retired nurses to show their appreciation to fellow nurses for their commitment to caring for the sick during vulnerable times in their lives. 

During the Nursing Honor Guard ceremony, active and retired nurses dress in the traditional blue nursing cape, white uniforms and caps, and highlight the honoree’s career and defining moments. The ceremony includes the recitation of the Florence Nightingale pledge and a final call to duty in which the honoree’s name is called out three times to release them from their service. 

Honorees are presented with a Florence Nightingale lamp, pin and lantern with candle. The lantern is a symbol of comfort and courage, and lights the way to modern, professional nursing. 

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