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What is hospice care?

Hospice patients benefit from a team of caregivers who help the patient choose the care they want. Family members are involved in patient care and decision-making. The hospice team supports both patients and families so that the patient’s choices are honored.

The hospice team provides care in the comfort of the patient’s home, nursing home or assisted living center. Patients can also receive care in a hospital or at the Hospice House. At Ohio’s Hospice, the focus is also on celebrating the life of the patient and making every moment and every memory more valuable.

When is it time to call Ohio’s Hospice of Fayette County?

Patients and families often say, “We wish we’d known more and entered your hospice program sooner.Here are some questions to consider when trying to determine if it is time to call hospice for help.

A common misunderstanding is that hospice care is only for the last few days or weeks of life. Patients and families can really benefit most when they have hospice for the final months of life.

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