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Expanding Our Heart

Written by Gwynne Gibson, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Expansion is on our minds. Many of you know that in the past few years, the growth of your “hometown hospice” has been phenomenal. We are pleased that our patient load has doubled, which has necessitated the need to add more talented and dedicated staff members. With this census explosion in mind, when the house next door to our office building appeared on a sheriff’s auction list last May, the Board of Directors determined to obtain the property.

Since the acquisition of 228 N. Oakland Avenue, we have been busy with the plan to work this property into our long range goal.  This expansion project will…
• Provide additional work space for clinical staff to care for our daily patient census, recently as high as 57
• Increase staff workspace for 30 employees instead of 20
• Provide space for patient records that must be kept and securely stored for seven years after the patient’s death or discharge
• Offer a quiet private room for meetings with patient families and other bereaved
• Allow for additional storage space for patient care supplies
• Add a work room
• Revamp surrounding lot for additional parking

We believe that this expansion will benefit patients and their caregivers for years to come.

We invite you to be part of this effort with your donation to the Expanding our Heart Fund. (

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