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Homeless Care

Caring for All Members of Our Community

Many people worry about facing death alone. But when a client of the Clinton County Homeless Shelter needed hospice care, the care team at Community Care Hospice and Ohio’s Hospice of Fayette County went above and beyond to care for her. 

The community member moved to the area from another state to stay with a family member. However, she struggled with addiction and became homeless. She often stayed in the woods without any support. 

During that time, she was diagnosed with cancer and struggled with her cancer treatment. Eventually, she found emergency shelter through the Clinton County Homeless Shelter. Later, she became a patient of Community Care Hospice and Ohio’s Hospice of Fayette County.  

“At Community Care Hospice and Ohio’s Hospice of Fayette County, we are committed to our mission,” said Missi Knisley, executive director. “As we care for all members of our community, we provide services to our patients wherever they are residing.” 

Our RN care manager worked with her to manage her severe pain. The staff helped her with gift cards from our Quality of Life Fund, which provides emergency assistance to patients to help with various daily living expenses. Our patient used this assistance to help pay for her cell phone service so she could keep in touch with her physicians. The fund also helped her with groceries and other daily needs.  

“Our chaplain and social worker visited her regularly to provide her support and help her with end-of-life planning needs, such as social security, advance directives, and funeral planning,” Knisley said. “When she began declining, we helped her with the decision to go into the Hospice House in Dayton for symptom management.” 

After going to the Hospice House, she transferred to a nursing center near Wilmington. During this time, the care team at Community Care Hospice and Ohio’s Hospice of Fayette County continued to provide care to her. When her condition worsened, she went to Clinton Memorial Hospital where she passed. 

“She is an example of no matter where the patient is at, we meet them right where they are,” Knisley said. “We were honored and privileged to care for her.” 

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