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Celebrating Life's Stories

Celebrating Life’s Stories With Family and Friends

Our mission is to celebrate the lives of those we have the privilege of serving by providing superior care and superior services to each patient and family. As we help people live more fully during life’s final months, we do so by celebrating life’s stories with our patients and their families.  

You can celebrate life’s stories by:

  • Playing a game from your childhood. Playing a game gets you and your loved ones and friends involved in a path down memory lane as you play and share stories of when you first played the game. 
  • Looking at old photographs. Taking a trip down memory lane through photos is a great way to remember the stories of your experiences and share those with others. 
  • Watching your favorite movie. Watch your favorite movie and relax while celebrating your favorite stories. 
  • Reminiscing with an old friend or loved ones. Sharing stories with your friends and loved ones is a way for you to celebrate those memories and share those lessons with them. 
  • Enjoying music from your youth. Music holds emotion and memories for us. Listen to your favorite songs and celebrate your life’s stories.  
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